Endrick Trading Ltd is an ecommerce business based in Balfron that was set up in 2005 and is run by Lee Rooney.

They have a variety of ecommerce sites selling Scottish food and hampers, diabetic hampers, gluten free hampers and even a specialist haggis website. They have used many services provided by STEP to improve their business.

We’ve been working with Business Gateway pretty much from the beginning, starting off with the very basics of start your own business course and then different levels of advice as we progressed through. We received very focused, specialist advice which was very useful for us at a time we were trying to push and expand. We also received some match funding when it came to developing an all-encompassing ecommerce platform.

Lee also found specialist advice and funding to help develop their ecommerce platform and hire a new member of staff.

Endrick trading got help, advice and some funding towards a new in house marketing role for the first 12 months. That was very useful, invaluable really in integrating that person and the whole decision to take on another person in a small business, so it was very helpful from that point of view.

Lee continues to find the events helpful for his business. On an ongoing basis we continue to take part in workshops and various networking events.”

For more information about Endrick Trading Ltd visit www.endricktrading.co.uk or give them a call on 01360 440 066.

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