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Accounting and Finance Management

Bookkeeping, keeping track of your income, expenses, and finances can be a stressful task in any business.

Learning how to effectively keep track can free up your time and lead to a successful business.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Accountants can help you keep your finances in order. Most importantly an Accountant is responsible for:

  • Preparing and submitting returns.
  • Advising on legal structures and giving general advice on how to best handle your finances.

Bookkeepers can also help to manage multiple areas within a business. Their main focus is to organise, record and report financial transactions to make accounting less stressful.

Finance Workshops

As Accounting and Finance are a key part of business our Business Gateway team run fully funded workshops for both start-up and growth businesses looking to manage their records, gain accounting experience and understand their finances.

Start-Up Workshop: Finance
This workshop aims to give an introduction to the role of finance in business. You will learn about how to manage a profit and loss account, producing a cash flow statement, working capital and the different legal structures of a business.

Start-Up Workshop: HMRC
In this workshop, you will learn about what Tax and Self Assessment are and what the HMRC requires from you.

Growth Workshop: Bookkeeping
At this workshop, you will learn to manage your finances and comply with legal requirements. The course will cover :

  • What financial records are needed.
  • How to choose an accounting system.
  • Which financial statements and returns are relevant to your business.
  • All of the relevant financial information you need to know to grow your business.


Meet Our Experts

We have also teamed up with a selection of local professionals to enable businesses to access a fully funded initial consultation (30 minutes) with a professional of your choice. Therefore we have an expert Accountant available every month if you need some specialist advice.

One to One and Consultancy Support

If you need more in-depth support we can offer specialist advice on a consultancy or one to one basis.

If you are looking for Accountancy and Financial Support in your business please get in touch to discuss what funded and consultancy options are available.

Where we can help

  • Business Start-Up: Finance Workshop
  • Business Start-Up: HMRC Workshop
  • Growth Workshop: Bookkeeping
  • Meet Our Expert Consultation
  • Specialist One to One Support


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