We provide a single door approach for business support for the forth valley area. We provide practical help and assistance to businesses from start up through to high growth, delivered by experienced advisors, with specific sector expertise.

Starting, Running and Growing a Business

Whether your starting, running or growing your business our Business Gateway team can help. 

Business Gateway Stirling provides businesses with practical help and guidance.

Whether you’re starting up or growing a business, we provide access to publicly-funded support services. By supporting new and developing businesses across Stirling we contribute to Scotland’s economic wellbeing.

Human Resources

At STEP HR we understand that running your own business has its challenges.

We offer expert HR Consultancy and Employment Law services. We can support you with contracts, a difficult employee, even an all out catastrophe and help to build a great, productive team. 

Our HR support can be used on a one off project basis or on a retainer contracts. The cost will depend on just what you need. 

Executive Coaching and Coaching Courses

Our range of group and one-to-one business support coaching solutions focus on all aspects of leadership and are bespoke to your needs.

We provide one-to-one coaching services and also coaching qualifications so you can coach and support your own staff. 

Digital Business Support

STEP can help you use digital technology to help you grow your business.

By using digital technology effectively you can grow your business, and compete locally and internationally.

Technology changes rapidly. For instance it can offer many benefits for businesses to engage with current customers, drive new business, develop new processes and to sell their product or service to a global market, 24 hours a day at a relatively low cost.


When we started in 1983 we wanted to build more than just an office block, business park or commercial property company. 

We wanted to build a community of businesses where companies could start, grow and lean on each other in a supportive environment.

As a result we offer various types of business accommodation from office space, work space, shared space and virtual space. 

Networking Opportunities and Events

Our events programme has been developed to bring together like-minded professionals like you. So you can share your ideas and create new business connections and hear from leading industry experts.

Therefore we have various events throughout the year focused on sector development, tips and support for helping businesses get started and grow.

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