Your Leadership Journey
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The University of Stirling Management School.

Leadership training for the real world

Improve Sales

Save Time

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Listen, Learn and Lead with our leadership for success program.

As a leader of an organisation, we understand your time is precious. We also recognise the importance of challenging you as a leader and helping you to learn how leadership skills can impact your organisation’s performance and growth.

Partnered with The University of Stirling Management School, we have developed an innovative leadership training program to suit a busy leader.

Unlike a traditional classroom intensive based program, we focus less on academic issues and instead on the real-life, strategic challenges facing today’s leaders.


How it works

Your Leadership Journey is designed on principles of learning by doing.

Spread over several months, it is comprised of three interactive day-long sessions and a series of one to one coaching engagements at the participants’ own facilities.

We will teach you how to motivatedelegate, and lead for success.


Is it for you?

This program is for those managing a team or an organisation seeking to
(a) explore your own leadership style and effectiveness
(b) understand further how to lead strategy, change and innovation work in your organisation
(c) improve the impact of leadership on organisational performance
(d) attend a program where active participant involvement and ‘learning by doing’ is the delivery mode.

Course Details

  • Three interactive day-long sessions
  • Series of one to one coaching engagements
  • Courses held in Stirling
  • £990 Per Person

Upcoming Courses

  • 18th of April
  • 8th of May
  • 30th of May

The Results

You will learn how to:

  • Boost individual and team productivity
  • Increase morale and performance
  • Be a more engaging and influential manager
  • Effectively lead strategy, change, and growth within your company and team
  • Build better stakeholder relationships

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